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We are a team immersed in the world of Nordic advertising and film, equipped with specialized skills to navigate the challenges of the Faroe Islands, where having plans A, B, and C is a must due to the unpredictable weather.Collaborating daily with the entire Nordic film and event industry, we have a strong foundation to assist international clients in their projects and productions on the mesmerizing landscapes of the Faroe Islands. Leading the charge at FIXER.FO is Michael Koba, a seasoned producer with over 20 years of experience, closely tied to the success of KOVBOY FILM, a prominent name in advertising filmmaking.Together, FIXER.FO and KOVBOY FILM boast an impressive portfolio including notable endeavors like the Palme d'Or winning project "Google Sheepview," the innovative "Faroe Islands Translate," and the branding of Hilton Hotel in the Faroe Islands. We've partnered with Faroese Telecom, NEMA Telecom, BANK NORDIK, BETRI BANKI, and numerous other local companies, enhancing their presence through dynamic visual narratives.Notably, we lent our expertise to the renowned TV show "BIZARRE FOOD" with Andrew Zimmern, orchestrating a grand production set against the captivating backdrop of the Faroe Islands. 

Our team

Michael Koba

Company CEO
An entrepreneur and a powerhouse in the realm of commercial film production. Renowned for his ability to execute projects with remarkable efficiency, he's a master of swift delivery. With a vast network spanning the Faroe Islands and the entire Nordic region, Michael is your go-to collaborator for rapid and impactful results.

Don Ross

Creative Designer
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Maria Mykines

Bringing financial prowess to FIXER.FO, Maria Mykines is a seasoned professional with a track record of strategic financial management. With an eye for optimizing resources, Maria ensures that every production is cost-effective and streamlined. Her dedication to financial precision drives the success of FIXER.FO's projects, making her an integral part of our team.


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